New Jersey Notary Public

(Mobile / 24-Hour Emergency Service)

* Having trouble finding a Notary in your area or that meets your scheduling needs?

* Are you unable to leave your house/facility/hospital? (Time? Children? Disability? Incapacitated?)

* Do you or your family have an EMERGENCY and urgently need a Notary Public on-site?

* Attorneys - do you require an "independent" Notary Public for depositions, will signings, affidavits, etc.?



Andrew J. McLeod EMT-B , duly Commissioned  Notary Public , State of New Jersey


- We will come to your HOME, OFFICE, MEDICAL FACILITY  or OTHER LOCATION , scheduled at your convienence and at your request!

- 24x7 EMERGENCY SERVICE available to all HOSPITALS,  NURSING HOMES   and  ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES in northern and central New Jersey.

- After-hours services available at NO additional cost.

- Serving the medical, senior + disabled communities for over 15 years !!!


Call or e-mail us for availability, pricing + additional information:

(888) 401-9140   Toll-Free

(201) 379-9229   Northern NJ

(201) 255-0111   Fax